Wild Thing

I’ve always loved the look of pairing stripes with leopard print shoes. As you know, stripes are the most common pattern in my wardrobe, but surprisingly I hadn’t owned anything leopard print until these wild shoes! So I began the search for some shoes to go with my stripe collection. (Seen in these looks).

I’ve been searching for leopard print shoes for a while now. (I’m very particular about the pattern). I usually go to a store, do a search, and then quickly give up if I don’t find what I’m looking for. One day, I happened to be looking for something else, and then BAM they jumped out at me. Doesn’t it always work out that way?

I was hesitant at first to buy these boots because for one, they are totally not something I typically buy. I’m such a practical shopper so when I see anything wild like this, I usually pass. But for some reason, I couldn’t say no to these boots! So after walking around the shoe area for a while, (glancing at every mirror I passed) I bit the bullet and got them.

While they are certainly not everyday booties, I will definitely enjoy wearing them on a night out, or with a more subtle stripe like this outfit. I was in TJ Maxx when I found these, but you can fine similar ones by the same brand here.

What is something you’ve been searching for to go in your wardrobe?? Let me know in the comments.

* Photography by Elizabeth Cardella.

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