What I Wear (When I have “Nothing” to Wear)


By this time of the year in the “spring” season, I really struggle with figuring out what to wear. I literally stand in front of my closet and think: “I have no clothes” even though that’s the most ridiculous thought ever. It’s partly because it’s been unseasonably chilly lately in upstate New York, and usually at this point in the year I typically wouldn’t be layering as much or still wearing my down winter coat. But alas, the cold weather seems to be holding out for a little while longer making it nearly impossible to find anything to wear. (The cold weather also seems to make me more dramatic.)

There are a few staple items in my closet I’ve been turning to lately to help get through the “nothing to wear” fashion rut I found myself in. The first are my navy “sailor pants” as I call them, from Zara. They are made of a thick stretchy cotton, and they make me feel slim and confidant plus they are slightly more dressed up than jeans. The second piece is my chambray shirt I found at TJ Maxx over a year ago. The sad secret story about this shirt is that I somehow got a bleach stain on it and now I have to find clever ways to hide it when I wear it because it’s way too good to throw out or giveaway. The last staple item I recently bought at Macy’s and it’s this loose fitting slouchy sweater that goes good with everything. I can throw on this sweater and instantly feel put together.


Here’s to finding more outfits in my closet and hoping the snow keeps melting.

What do you wear when you have “nothing to wear”??

Thanks again Robyn for today’s photos.

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