Weekly Highlights: This Week’s “Dirt”


Over the past month, Brandon had about 800 cubic yards, or in other words over 32 truckloads of dirt hauled into our front yard. For some unknown reason, our front yard had about a 2-foot dip in it starting near the garage. (Our house was actually a couple feet higher than the front yard.) The yard would dip down in the center, and then go back up toward the road by the river. It wasn’t the end of the world but whenever it would rain, water would pool in certain areas, and not to mention it was a big pain for Brandon to mow. Overall, we wanted to have a clean level yard, so we had the dirt brought in. Today they are finishing up and raking and seeding the front lawn. I can’t wait for the grass to grow back and to have it all be one level!

I’m wrapping up my week by showing a few properties to a couple different clients, and then spending the afternoon with a good friend. This weekend Brandon’s father and his wife are coming to town and we are really looking forward to working on the house with them. (I think they are camping in the side yard again which is awesome!)

Below is a photo of the house the day we purchased it where you can see the hill dip down. You can really tell by the grass height at the foundation of the garage, and compare the difference below with all the dirt.


^ Our tulips survived the snow and bloomed this week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Pam at 3:08 pm

    Mags! Looks great! Actually, it looks dusty and brown…. But I love it leveled! When the grass grows in, it’s going to be beautiful!

    • Maggie Fromm Author at 8:51 pm

      Ha!! I can’t wait for the grass to grow because in my case the grass IS greener on the other side lol!

  2. Abi at 10:10 pm

    Amazing difference! Your quality of life has just gone up a bit! xo