Weekly Highlights

Tussie Mussie
^ Afternoon sunlight on a ‘tussie mussie’ bouquet given to me by Brandon’s grandmother.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! It’s been while since I’ve posted a weekly highlights reel. I’ve been struggling lately to find the balance between blogging, and my job as a Realtor. Lately I find myself putting my clients and my business first before my website. One of my personal goals this year is to make Honestly Maggie a bigger priority in my weekly schedule, but it’s tough when I’m trying to grow my business too! That being said, I have some new house updates and other cool/interesting posts to share with you soon.

Brandon and I started our weekend at our favorite breakfast place, (and we always take a couple donuts to-go for the next day) and I will be hosting an open house tomorrow! (Contact me if you are interested in selling or purchasing a house!)

Nibble order
^ My usual dine-in order at Nibble: classic donut filled with blackberry cassis.

Throw pillow and blanket
^ I found not one, but two pillows (at Target) that match our throw from Brandon’s mother



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  1. Abi at 11:07 pm

    Nice throw pillow. I love those things! I am planning on making a couple but it hasn’t happened yet!!! Thanks for “nibbling” with me & the boys on my birthday!