Weekly Highlights

Cloud surfing

I could not be happier that today is Friday! It’s been a long crazy week for me in many ways, but the biggest highlight is that I just touched down in Chicago, and I’m waiting for my best friend Maggie to pick me up. Brandon has been here all week on a work trip, and I’m excited to see him and spend some time here in the city. (I could seriously live in Chicago!)

It’s been kind of nice having the whole house to myself, working by my own schedule, not worrying about the next project etc. I’ve been so productive and have gotten a lot of personal projects and goals completed, which has been satisfying. It feels good to have the entire weekend to spend away before the busyness of the holidays season really begins back home. I can’t wait to see Brandon and hang out with my best friend!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Matchup matchup with the chocolate chips bag

^ Matchy- matchy with the chocolate chips bag.

New listing

^ Another new listing of mine hitting the market next week!!