Vintage Printed Patents


Brandon and I wanted an inexpensive way to update our living room.  (We used to have 8 different silver framed scrapbook paper and a mirror in the center of our wall- cute, but we were over it) After seeing lots of different types of vintage printed blueprint patents online, we agreed that we wanted to make some for our living room at a fraction of the cost. It was seriously the easiest project ever. I have to give Brandon most of the credit because it was his idea, and he made the vintage printed patents in Photoshop. I simply bought the frames.

There are thousands of patents available to the public online- all you need to do is do a Google search. We had the space to do 4 in our living room and 2 in our kitchen. (I’ll do a post later on the ones in the kitchen.) We chose patents that we had individual and common interests in. We settled on the Wright Brother’s plane (we love to travel) a developing camera, an internal combustion engine and an electric bicycle. Brandon saved the images onto his computer, opened them in Photoshop, added a 30pixel and 10 pixel stroke as a border, and printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.



I bought the matted frames from Pottery Barn, and used wire and to make a sturdy spot for the frames to hang on. On a side note, Pottery Barn frames are simply the best quality frames out there- they are so worth the investment. Brandon measured the distance of where on the wall we wanted it, and nailed in the picture hanging hooks.



I really like how they turned out- it gives our living room a really clean modern look and the only expense was the frames. I can’t wait to show you what we did for the kitchen!


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