Vintage Lace Jacket

vintage lace jacket close up

You know that moment when you’re shopping and you happen to stumble upon something you weren’t even looking for? And then you realize you found something that you never knew you needed? That is exactly what happened to me with this delicate lace jacket.

As many of these stories go, I was browsing at one of my favorite local consignment stores with one of my best friends. We were making our last go-around when I saw this jacket. Not only was it such a gorgeous article of clothing, it was my size! I snatched it off the rack, and added it to my pile.

What I love about this jacket is the lace on the sleeves is different from the lace in the torso. It has pearl-like buttons that go up to the neck, and a clasp that cinches at the waist. I honestly couldn’t even tell you where it’s from because there is no tag inside.

A jacket like this can be worn so many different ways. For today’s outfit, I paired it over a black tank and my gray pencil skirt- also seen in this outfit. (Coincidentally, the shoes I’m wearing I found at this same consignment several years ago.) It can be worn as a coverup over a dress or even worn with distressed jeans and heels. The versatility is endless!

I’ve searched and searched online to find similar ones for you and found a few options here, here and here.  There are also several Etsy shops that make custom lace jackets too.  (My sister found hers for her wedding on Etsy!)

lace jacket with pencil skirt
lace jacket with skirt close up
lace jacket with earrings
^ My late grandmother’s gold earrings that she wore all the time. lace jacket side view
lace jacket close up maggie

* Photography by Elizabeth Cardella.

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  1. JacketMan88 at 1:46 pm

    I like your jacket!

  2. Abi at 1:05 pm

    You wear it well! So pretty.