Sprucing Up an Old Frame.

I really enjoy taking something plain, and turning it into something that really adds a “wow” factor.

There’s an old mirror hanging in my living room, and it could really use some sprucing up. It’s has a wooden frame, and the mirror glass inside is a 1/4 inch thick. Pretty decent. I decided to give it a more updated look and piece it together with some other frames in the room. Here is how I did it:

Items I needed for this project: Silver spray paint, painter’s tape, a tarp.

First I removed the mirror from the wall, and taped off the parts of the frame that I did NOT want the spray paint to get on. I decided to remove the mirror from the frame but taking out the staples fastening the particle board holding it in. If you want, you can just tape off the entire mirror.

BEFORE you spray anything, be sure you have the frame on a plastic tarp and you are in a properly ventilated room or garage. Once the frame is placed against the tarp, hold the spray can 8-10 inches from the frame. Be sure you are spraying in a criss-cross or up and down motion. Don’t be afraid to get paint on the tarp- that’s what it’s there for!

When you are spraying, keep in mind you will need a few coats, so don’t try to get it all painted in one shot or the spray paint will drip, or possibly smear. Let the first coat dry for a couple hours, then go back and spray on a second coat.

When the paint is dry, carefully and slowly remove the tape from the frame. If you are impatient like I was, you will remove some of the wood finish- so be careful!

Here’s what my frame looked like when I finished!

Good luck with your project! Be sure to comment on any ideas or projects that you do!