Three Ways to Wear One Skirt


I bought this really adorable tulle skirt last week at Francesca’s. After hemming a hawing over it in the fitting room for probably 10 or 15 minutes I decided, why not? Skirts like this are not usually in my shopping cart, and I’m afraid to take fashion risks on items that are even just slightly out of my comfort zone. (My biggest fear with this skirt was looking like a ballerina). Maybe it was the right day or maybe it was the nice saleslady who convinced me to get it, but I got it! I immediately went on Pinterest to look for ideas on how to wear this skirt, and eventually found this amazing board. After reading all the ideas and suggestions, I thought of three different ways that I could wear this skirt this fall before *sigh* the weather gets too cold.

1). Street Style- Pairing this skirt with a t-shirt dresses it way down, and makes this look seem effortless- because it is! This outfit is perfect for just hanging out, going out to lunch or running errands on a warm day.



2). Professional Style- This is how I would wear this skirt to the office. I’d pair it with a chambray button up shirt, a blazer, a simple skinny belt, and polished nude pumps.



3). Night Out Style- Fall wedding season is upon us, and I just love a crisp fall wedding. Here is how I would wear this skirt to a wedding or night out to a show. I paired this with a sequined top (J.Crew), a wide belt to hide the elastic waistband, and open toed heels.




Do you struggle with buying or wearing something outside your comfort zone?



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  1. Ellyne Olson at 9:36 pm

    Mags, you are just good in making these styles work for you. How do you do it? Yes, I do struggle. I do try to mix it up but some times I feel that I am not ’30’ any more. So, that is why I stay with what works for me, ~~ the basics. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Presh at 12:14 pm

    Mags, I love love love the office style you put together. Help me style myself haha!