Weekly Highlights: This Week on Snapchat


Snapchat has been my go-to social media choice lately. What I enjoy about using this app is that it feels like a mini blog. Staying connected with my friends online is a priority for me and this is a great app to do that. As a result, I can quickly take a photo or video of what I’m doing at the moment and add it to my story on Snapchat. I hate to admit it but my blog is really difficult to keep up with sometimes. There is a lot of planning involved with each post and I tend to get caught up in the details of each post. Snapchat feels more unfiltered and real life. It’s quick and entertaining. (My favorite filter is the flower crown.)

Consequently, I’m using my dslr camera less on the day to day basis and reach for my iPhone more to take a quick snap. I still use my digital camera when documenting for my blog, a special event or recording a video, but its definitively not as convenient as carrying around my phone.

Brandon and I have been working on our new windows for the fireplace area. (I’m soooo excited about our progress and I can’t wait to share the full story and pics) I share bits and pieces of our progress on the house, and my daily life on my Snapchat. Follow along with me if you want the inside scoop on things before it’s posted here. My Snapchat username is @MaggieFromm.

Have a great weekend!

^ Date night walking to the local theater with our “picnic” dinner.