Spring Rolls & Noodle Salad


I’ve been searching for some light, healthy and paleo friendly recipes that I can make for me and Brandon to enjoy. The tricky part about that is since we don’t have a kitchen, the key factor is they need to be easy to make. So you can imagine my excitement when one of my all-time favorite YouTubers, Ingrid, posted this recipe video on her channel. She goes through the ingredients you’ll need, and the step by step instructions to follow to make these uh-mazing spring rolls and noodle salad. I’ve been making these for the past month now, probably once a week and we have not gotten tired of it. I’ve had to adapt this recipe to fit our make-shift kitchen-less lifestyle which I will note below. You should definitely check out Ingrid’s video and the rest of her channel.

^ garlic, avocado, and parsley- because I ran out of basil!

^ instead of soba noodles, I used gluten free rice noodles. I cooked them using an electric kettle, then microwaving for 7 minutes.

^ I found the brown rice spring roll paper at Whole Foods

^ noodle salad sauce ingredients.

^ I substituted asparagus for frozen green beans- cooked in microwave.

^ No that’s not coffee, it’s ginger-garlic dipping sauce for the Spring Rolls! I found this incredibly delicious and easy recipe for it here. It also makes an amazing salad dressing.




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  1. Jessie Z. at 9:15 am

    Those spring rolls look incredible!! I want to be eating those right this minute… at 9:15am :p Those wrappers look like they would be the BEST texture!