SOLD! Congratulations Harriet!

Harriet & Maggie
Congratulations to my wonderful client Harriet who recently sold her house! This week I had two closings, and one of them was for this lovely lady right here.

Harriet owned an adorable cape cod in Saratoga County. The house is nestled in 7 acres of land, complete with a stream running along in the back. I met Harriet through a friend from church who is her son, and he connected me with her. What I enjoyed the most about working for Harriet was getting to know her throughout the transaction and hearing stories about the history of the property. The land where the house is once sat on over 16 acres that originally belonged to her father in law. Over time, he divided and sold portions of the land to others, and she eventually settled into this house on the remaining acreage that was just sold. It amazes me because she has lived on that property for over 30 years.

Harriet’s house was my first listing, and I’m so happy I was able to help her achieve her goal of selling so she could downsize to something a little smaller. What makes this whole experience so sweet is that it was a young couple who were first time home buyers that purchased the house, and I can tell that they really loved it. Before they made their offer, they sent over a 2 page list of detailed questions about the house and the property, so I knew they were seriously interested. Later after we negotiated and agreed on the price, I had the opportunity to meet the buyers during their inspection. They were very kind, and seemed really excited to move as they talked about the future plans they had. On top of it all, at the closing they gave Harriet a gift and that right there was one of the most precious parts of the whole experience. I know over the years this couple will give the house a lot of love, and put their own personal touch on it.

Oh yeah, and of course, after the very mild winter we had, the one week it snowed 5 inches was the week she was moving out! Who knew it would snow this much in April?

It was such a pleasure working for Harriet and I wish her all the best with her new upcoming adventures!

Harriet Sold!
Harriet and Allen
^ Harriet and her son Allen who lives locally

House Sold

Do you know anyone who is downsizing, growing out of their current home or relocating? Let me know, I’d love to help them out. Visit my business page for my contact information. I am never too busy for any of your referrals!


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  1. Maggie Goble at 9:09 am

    Congratulations Maggie and Harriet!!!!

  2. Ellyne Olson at 6:42 pm

    Wow Mags. Congratulations. The house looks great and glad the seller and new buyer are happy.