Snow Day


Back when I was in college full time, living on campus, I would pray to have a snow day whenever the weather threatened a single flake.  I mean, I went to a college that had lake effect snow in July. (not really) They almost never canceled classes.

Today my class is canceled and I am really disappointed about it.  We had our assignment for the week and like any photography geek, I was so excited to hand it in. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my class and want to do well. (I even got a great parking spot last week!) I used to take my college classes for granted, wishing away each week, each semester, and the 4 years flew by like a blink of the eye. Now that I’m in school again, I’m really attempting to treasure each class each week and get the most out of it.

All that being said, with all the craziness in life right now, as I sit here finishing my coffee and think about the rest of the week- I am really looking forward to spring and no more snow days.

Tell me! What are your thoughts on snow days?



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  1. Moira sanderaon at 7:28 am

    Spring… I’m wondering if it will ever come! The first time it snowed for me after moving here from the Southern Hemisphere, I was beside myself with excitement. I still love the brand new beautiful snow (I had no idea it gets so filthy and disgusting!) but living with it is not quite as romantic as I always dreamed.

  2. Abi at 9:05 am

    three kids at home! and my honey’s off to work . . . ask me at the end of the day!

  3. Caitlin at 9:13 am

    AhMAZing pen. And I know what you mean about classes, I start a Photoshop class next week and I could not be more excited to learn new skills again from someone who has a lot to teach! I think that’s the biggest thing for me – not only the ritual of class but knowing that I can learn from a person who is truly informed and knowledgeable. It’s so comforting when I feel like I’m figuring out the rest of my life on the fly!

  4. Daddy at 9:31 am

    Love them…………as long as I don’t have to go out. I used to say to my dad that the snow was fun. He would answer something like, Yes, but I have to go out in it.