Seeing the Light: A Simple Lamp Makeover


I’ve had these old lamps for a long time now. Brandon and I used them in our prior apartment, and I always wanted to give them a makeover, but never took the time to do it. Since we moved into our house, we no longer have a need for them and they have just been sitting in our garage for the past few months. A good friend of ours recently moved into a new house himself, so as a housewarming gift, I decided to finally get those lamps down from the garage and give them that makeover they’ve been waiting for.

They were fairly dusty, so the first thing I did was give them a good clean with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and dirt so the paint would have a smooth finish to adhere to. Also, the lamp finals somehow got lost during the move, so I got some new ones at Home Depot, and painted those as well. The lamps have this beautiful glass detail at the base that I wanted to preserve. I covered the glass thoroughly with painters tape to protect it from the paint, and tucked the cords under the base. I sprayed 2 coats of the primer + paint on the lamp surface, allowing 24 hours between each coat.


The lamps have this really pretty detailing at the bottom that I wanted to pop, so I used white nail polish to bring those out.


The lamp shades I got to go with these years ago, just didn’t look right with the new lamp color, so I decided to give the shades a makeover as well. Luckily, I had some white spray paint leftover from another project so I use that! I made sure to cover the wiring at the top so it wouldn’t get painted white.


I’m so glad that they are going to a well deserved new home, and I hope they get good use.

If you have a piece of furniture, or a fixture that needs a makeover let me know in the comments below. I’d love to work with you!


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  1. Presh at 8:01 pm

    I love these!….can I just hire you out soon?! 🙂