Rosa D’Ambrosio Photography

Meet Rosa.


Rosa D’Ambrosio is the beautiful gal behind Rosa D’Ambrosio Photography.  I had the great honor of sitting down with her for lunch as she answered a few questions about her passion and love of photography.

How did Rosa D’Ambrosio Photography start?

“It actually started when I was in middle school. I wasn’t good at drawing or painting and all that stuff, but I’ve always been creative.  So I got a digital camera and I had my sister actually take pictures of me and my friends, and then we’d flip positions and I’d take pictures of her.  I would play around with Windows editor, but I was so bad at it, like, I would over contrast everything and stuff like that.  Then as I got older I realized that I really did love photography in general.  I got interested in looking at blogs so I started following just a few and some of the pictures I was just captivated by.

“So I got my first [digital] camera, it was a Sony, and then I ended up getting Photoshop and I was playing around with it, trying to figure out how to do stuff.  Then my friend [who was pregnant] was like ‘I would really like a maternity shoot, could you take pictures of me?’ So I did that and realized I really loved it. 

It’s funny, if you look at the pictures I took a year ago verses the ones I just put out the difference is incredible.  The more people started seeing the things I posted on Facebook, the more people asked to take pictures. Since I love it so much and I know that I have a natural eye for it, that’s pretty much how it was created.”  4698

Do you have a blog?

“I have an Instagram page, and I have a Facebook page.  I am in the works of creating a Weebly- its a website that has templates you can use.  Once that is all finished, I will start blogging about every shoot that I do.”

What are your ultimate goal?

“I want to keep on doing shoots as much as I can. I want to make it as big as I can. At one point I thought I wanted to get into weddings, but I’ve swayed away from that because its a full time job. The way that my life is going right now this is something more on the side. 

I’m not into taking the typical posed pictures, I like more of the artsy stuff, or something you’d see in a magazine.  I plan on finishing the website and blogging and just seeing where it takes me.”

Rosa is also a leader at her church’s 9-12 grade youth group. She is heading up a girls event called the Captivating Conference this Spring at the GE Theater at Proctor’s in Schenectady, New York.  Rosa’s role is the head coordinator of the entire event.  There will be keynote speakers sharing at the Captivating Conference in which the main focus and mission statement will be showing girls what it means to be captivating in the Lord and by the Lord.

I had a blast hanging out with Rosa for the day.  We had an amazing photo shoot where Rosa took some really stunning photos of me, one of which you can see on my About page.  Please check out her Facebook page and Instagram Page and follow her, and be sure to think of Rosa D’Ambrosio Photography next time you need to capture a moment in your life.






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  1. Rosa D'Ambrosio at 9:17 am

    Oh my goodness mag this is fabulous!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Abi at 5:03 pm

    Nathan likes that picture of you on the About page (so do I; it’s gorgeous!). He also likes bunny friends (Annie’s bunny grahams). 🙂