Road Trip Details

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Many of you know that Brandon and I just got back from our epic vacation.  We had such an amazing time together on our road trip along the West Coast. This was our first vacation together- like a legit vacation- since our honeymoon over 3 years ago. We have always wanted to explore the West Coast so we thought “Go big or go home” and decided to discover what was out there on along Highway 1.

Our trip started in Seattle. We flew there on the early bird flight from our home in upstate New York, and arrived in Seattle that afternoon. Our basic road trip plan was to spend a day or 2 in each city or town, staying overnight with different hosts from Air BnB (which we highly recommend!) or with a friend or family member. We drove from Seattle to Portland, Portland to Arcada California, Arcada to Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa to Monterrey, and finally Monterrey back up to San Francisco.

Here are some of the highlights from on the road:

^ Alder Dam, south of Seattle, Washington



^ our first glimpse of the coast from Oregon en route to Arcada.



^ Avenue of the Giants

^ Just after a picnic outside of Fort Bragg

^ We were constantly driving from the coast into the thick wooded areas.



More details of each city to come…

Oh and for those of you wondering, yes! Those are the boyfriend jeans I’m wearing in all of those pictures. They served me well!


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  1. Moira sanderaon at 6:47 am

    Looks fantastic! More places to add to my bucket list!

    • Hayley Sanderson at 7:06 am

      You’ve already got too many places on your bucket list!
      Looks like such a great trip Mags

  2. 58Teresa at 2:31 pm

    Cool Beans! and you can always add to the bucket list – like where will you go with children – whose children – that’s fun – because you have to think where they’d like to go and time limits. 🙂

  3. Abi at 9:08 pm

    Nice photos! Wow! and the pictures can’t even capture what you saw.

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