RIP Closet Kitchen! Getting Ready For Our Stairs

If you are wondering where I’ve been for the last month, this is what we have been up to! Brandon and I have reached another milestone at the house, and I’m so excited to share Part I today. Over the last month, we have been preparing for the installation of our new staircase. (So exciting!!!!) Before we could install the new stairs, we had take certain steps (haha- see what I did there?) in order to do so. The first big step was to remove our beloved closet kitchen. I made an entire vlog about it so click on the video below to see our process.

Here is a little flashback for you. This is what the closet kitchen half-wall area looked like the day we bought our house:

The closet area before

Here is what it looked like just before we removed the closet kitchen and extended the half-wall:
Closet kitchen and half wall

As I type this, we currently have our new rough staircase installed and it looks sooo amazing. The finish stair treads won’t be in for a few months, but you can definitely see transformation. I’m currently working on editing that video footage, so I hope to have the next video up ASAP. I don’t want to leave you hangin!

Read about our house here.

See our closet kitchen before and the process of how we built it from an old desk!

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  1. Laney at 8:40 pm

    Great video! Can’t wait to see the next one!