Pumpkin Spice Tarts


Today is October 31st.

As I sit here, drinking my coffee and savoring this delicious pumpkin spice tart I baked last night, I’m reflecting on this past month and the significance that this day brings to so many Americans.  Growing up, my siblings and I were not allowed to celebrate Halloween.  Without getting into it, my Dad didn’t want us dressing in costumes and he certainly didn’t want us consuming candy. (Sweets weren’t allowed in the house.)  Although a lot has changed in my family, now that I’m in my twenties, I think Halloween is silly- the holiday- not those who participate.  Maybe it’s because I never fully experienced it as a child, but I just don’t get excited about Halloween.  I do like the treats though.


This recipe comes from a food blogger who posts amazing recipes and dishes on her site. Check her out! Jamie uses pre-made crusts in her recipe, I make my own tartlet crust.

These pumpkin spice tarts are the perfect little treat for a cool fall day like today.  I hope your Halloween is safe and happy.

What are your thoughts on Halloween?


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  1. Rebecca at 10:44 am

    Where is my tart, Maggie? 😉 looks delicious!

  2. 58Teresa at 2:12 pm

    Better not tell him about those treats in the car on the way to or from school!!!!

  3. Moira at 9:16 pm

    Maggie brought some to work – oh wow they were delicious!
    Halloween is very low key in South Africa where I come from, compared to here, and after moving here nearly 5 years ago, I was shocked to see how it’s celebrated. I just can’t believe people happily put pretend graves and skeletons and demonic stuff in their yards….

  4. Elizabeth at 8:52 pm

    I get less and less excited about Halloween every year; I think it was only exciting to me in school when we got candy. 🙂 Moira, I agree. I was especially surprised this year when one family decorated their yard with a skeleton bride, groom, and BABY!

  5. Hannah at 12:25 am

    I want some pumkin pie for thanksgiving. Can you make that happen?