Pencil Skirt and Polka Dots

Pencil skirt at the dock

I really enjoy the look of a great pencil skirt. It’s professional, feminine, and flattering. Nothing is more quintessential in business fashion than a pencil skirt- except maybe a blazer. Personally, I don’t care for a 2-piece business suit with matching a bottom and jacket. I think the only person who can pull that off and look fabulous is Olivia Pope. (I may not have the quite the same clothing budget as Olivia, but her wardrobe plays a huge influence on me when I shop.) While some women may like the polished look of corresponding pants/skirt with a suit jacket, I prefer to coordinate an outfit with various items pieced together in my closet. I have a few of my favorite core pieces that I start with, (like these pants for example) and work from there.

I draw fashion inspiration from various sources. One site in particular I use again and again is Pinterest, especially when I’m in a style rut. It’s great as a guide board for collaborating different ideas together. This pin specifically is what inspired me to create today’s look. I like how the two materials compliment one another with a tighter fit on the bottom and the looser blouse on top. I added the yellow belt for a pop of color to make this look have a more summery feel.

The majority of this outfit is from H&M (pencil skirt, belt, shoes) the blouse was passed onto me by a good friend- I have no idea where it’s from! Honestly, it doesn’t matter though. My point with today’s article is to prove that you don’t have to copy a look exactly, instead use what you see online for inspiration and make it your own.

Tell me, where do you draw inspiration from?

walk on the dock
Details close up
Side by side pencil skirt

Thanks again, Elizabeth for the photos!