Off The Shoulder

About a month ago, Brandon and I drove to Myrtle Beach to witness my cousin’s wedding. It was such a fun little vacation. We had a blast day drinking on the beach and reconnecting with family. My cousin and her now husband were married right on the beach at sunset. It was a lovely ceremony, and my cousin looked absolutely stunning.

Back in May, I went dress shopping for another wedding, and found this off the shoulder dress. I instantly fell in love with the cut, the fit, and of course the stripes. This dress is perfect for a beach wedding, and bonus! I doesn’t need ironing! The ruffle along the perimeter of the shoulder is super cute, while still on trend. I don’t own anything off the shoulder like this, which is another reason why this dress is so ideal for me.

My signature gold flat sandals are the perfect shoe for this ensemble.  (We had to along the beach for a bit to get to the ceremony.) I carried my white clutch with a gold rose clasp (found at an estate sale) to tie it all together.

This dress is a Marshall’s purchase, but if you want to get a similar one for yourself I did some research for you. There’s a cute J.Crew option (on sale!) a Burlington Maxi option or an affordable option from URBAN OG.

Many people have been asking me how things are going on the house. Since October 1st, Brandon and I have taken a break from doing any house work. It started as one week off, then two, then a month, and now nearly 2 months later we are still on a break. It’s been WONDERFUL.

These past few months we’ve stayed up late watching Netflix shows, enjoying a glass (or 2) of wine, spending time with friends, and helped others with their home. Actually, I lied- we did do some work. We put doors up downstairs! But that’s all. I’ve also been working late many evenings, and Brandon is still working on his Master’s degree. We plan to start our house work back up this weekend. We’ll see how that goes!

More updates to come!