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0308NYCchiccloseThis past weekend Brandon and I took a short trip to visit my sister, her husband, their 2-year-old daughter and brand new baby girl in Manhattan. (More details about the trip to come!) There was the most gorgeous weather ever in NYC so it was perfect timing for me to wear my new maxi skirt I had bought from Forever 21 months ago. I had been wanting to wear this maxi skirt for like, ever, but it had been too cold. Back in March I had been so desperate for spring weather that I actually wore this maxi skirt in the freezing temperature with fleece-lined leggings hoping to trick myself into thinking it was warmer. All that did was make me even colder and grumpier. I figured that NYC would be the perfect location and temperature to break out the maxi skirt in this NYC chic outfit- sans the fleece lined tights.


Bonus out take photo from our shoot:


What is something you’ve been dying to wear now that the weather is getting warmer?



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  1. Ellyne Olson at 1:29 pm

    You are so cute ! 😉 I packed away all my turtle necks, tights and wool pants. I saved 3 wool sweaters – just in case. I am anxious to wear short sleeve shirts and capris – no shorts until maybe – um – Memorial Day unless it is really hot.

  2. 58Teresa at 8:37 am

    As always, you always look awesome! So very well put together! It is not what I am looking forward towards wearing – but what I will not be wearing (will there be snow tonight? Caparizzo mentioned it.) – just sooo done with heavy coats, 2 layers of pants – ugh!

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