Our New Sofa!


Well folks, it’s finally here. After shopping around, we decided to purchase our new sofa from the local Pottery Barn. Disclaimer: I’ve been an employee at Pottery Barn for the past two years, and still currently work there part time. I started there as a sales associate and worked my way into the Design Studio program. Even before I started working for the company, I have always admired Pottery Barn furniture and decor. I believe that it’s only fair to mention my connection with the company and disclaim that this is not a sponsored post; these are my own opinions.

Brandon and I pretty much knew the size and style sofa that we wanted, but we had a difficult time narrowing down the fabric and color. Side note: My full-time job is working with customers who are building a brand new home select their interior options.  You might think that my decorating experience with both jobs would make it easy to pick out my own new sofa, color and material, right? Wrong!

I struggled so much in this area that I reached out to a friend and fellow Design Studio Specialist at Pottery Barn to help us pick out the perfect material and color to coordinate with the chairs we already owned. The wonderful thing about Pottery Barn is they offer complimentary in-home design services to their customers. This basically means if you are interested in purchasing furniture from Pottery Barn, but aren’t quite sure how it will work in your space, Pottery Barn has a team of trained professionals who will come to your home and consult with you to pick the perfect piece and color. My dear friend came to my home with fabric swatches and sat with me on the floor of my living room for over an hour discussing every. single. option. that could potentially happen for the sofa. Having my friend come over and help me pick out the material was a really important experience for me as a Design Studio Specialist at Pottery Barn. I now know what it feels like to be in the customer’s shoes- the nervousness of the unknowns and what-ifs, having anxiety over not choosing the right color, etc. I truly could not have done it without her! Learn more about Pottery Barn’s in-home design service here.

The end result turned out to be amazing! The delivery truck came right at the scheduled time frame and delivery professionals carefully carried our sofa inside, without any problems. Here is a break down of what I ordered: PB Comfort Sleeper Sofa: Upholstered, Rolled Arms, Box Edge Poly Cushions, Performance Tweed fabric in the color Graphite.



Have you ever struggled with picking out a piece of furniture for your home?



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  1. Alison at 8:39 am

    Beautiful sofa! And great color choice. Can’t wait to try it out.