My First Day of Class


There’s something incredibly nostalgic and wonderful about going back to school.  Suddenly I find myself eating toaster strudels and craving Ramen Noodles. Even the fact that I rolled out of bed and went to my first day of class without showering almost feels acceptable to me. (almost)

As I was pulling into the school parking lot, (late) I had a few thoughts and revelations about going back to school, particularly Community College and the difference between the traditional 4 year college life.

  • Aim to get to school at least 15 minutes early so you can circle the parking lot for a spot- a rookie mistake I made when I had to walk across the entire length of the parking lot to get to class. (Parking is something I never experienced living on campus when I was getting my Bachelors degree because I walked everywhere).
  • When taking an Art class, it helps your persona to wear geek glasses.  You will clearly move to the top of the class and teachers will love you.
  • Don’t buy the book before class- another Community College rookie mistake. Back during my Bachelors, it seemed like part of your grade was buying the book.  My professor today actually told us to return the textbook if we already purchased it. That was definitely a first- and a waste of expedited shipping on Amazon!
  • When the temperature is -6 degrees, and it’s a long walk to get to the building, its a good idea to wear a hat or at least earmuffs.

I’m sure as the semester progresses I will have many more thoughts about school, and my class in general.  But for now, I am very proud of myself for taking this step of further education and I’m really looking forward to the future- especially if that means warmer weather.



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  1. Hannah at 7:42 am

    Haha oops! Maybe I could have given you some parking advice 😀

  2. Diana at 12:42 pm

    Dear Maggie, I just read your story to Mr. B,we really enjoyed reading about your first day back to school. You have a great writing style and it was very humorous! Took us back in time!! Looking forward to reading more about your semster back in school!!
    Love, Mama B