Mood Boosting Videos

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic and quite honestly a little stressful between the real estate class, keeping up with customers at work, studying for the exam and everyday life. Plus, Brandon and I are still in the middle of our house renovation focusing on finishing up the little details of the upstairs before really tackling the first floor head on. (Currently we are working on putting up doors which I will post about when they are up!) Anyway, I don’t share this so you will feel sorry for me, but rather I want to mention one of the few ways I’ve been coping with the stress. After fighting rush hour traffic and making dinner, I give myself a break and watch a few videos that will boost my mood before jumping into emails or studying. Here are a few that just absolutely turn my mood around and lift my spirits up (instead of studying, of course).

1) Blocking Out The Haters:

2). Kittens Do Things For The First Time/Cat Burgler
(Side note, its not uncommon for Brandon and I to sit together and laugh hysterically at videos like this)

or this:

3). Shake It Off- Miranda Sings Edition. (This one never fails!)

What are some of your favorite mood boosting tricks?


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  1. Abi at 12:53 pm

    I like to put on music and dance with the kids; that always gets us in a good mood and kicks the negativity. Also calling a friend just to say hi!