In Love With Lush

I recently took a trip to my favorite handmade cosmetics store called Lush.  It was actually a really exciting experience for me because there isn’t a Lush store for 200 miles from where I live.

For those of you who are not familiar with Lush, it is European based handmade cosmetics store. They make “vegetarian, handmade cosmetics for shops in 44 countries worldwide using only the finest essential oils and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.” *  They also fight against animal testing, and use organic ingredients.  They are basically my dream face and body company.

They are huge advocates for recycling.  When you purchase their bath bombs, massage bars or shampoo bars you have the choice to go completely packaging free.

For their non-solid products, they use recycled packaging and prefer to have their containers recycled back to the store.  They offer an incentive if you return 5 empty Lush containers they will give you a free face mask.

Lush is also big on charity.  With every purchase of their Charity Pot lotion, 100% of the price goes to one of these organizations. With everything they do and what they encourage, how can I not love Lush?  For more information about Lush and their company, you can visit their blog. 

What is one of your favorite cosmetic companies you just can’t live without?


Lamont, Vanessa.  “An Introduction to Lush”. (09/27/2012).