How to Pack Your Carry On Luggage


I recently went on vacation with my husband to Texas to visit some dear friends of ours. As I was preparing for our trip, I thought it would be cool to share some of the valuable tips on how to pack your carry on and get the most out of your journey.

For starters, you need to have a good sturdy backpack.  The reason I say backpack and not a rolling suitcase carry on is because backpacks are so much easier to maneuver through airports.  More often then not, airplanes get delayed and if you have a layover to catch in another city you will have an easier time rushing through the airport with a backpack than a rolling suitcase.  I use my North Face hiking backpack (purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods) because it has hip and shoulder clips in the front which takes the strain off of my back.  If you are to get such a backpack, I suggest you go to a store like Eastern Mountain Sports or Dick’s and have someone fit you with the right one.

The next rule I always go by when packing my carry on is assume your checked luggage will get lost.  It doesn’t happen to most people, but if it does it’s the worst thing ever to happen on vacation.  I say to myself: “If my suitcase is lost for a few days, what should I keep in my carry on that will help me survive?”  Here is what I came up with:
0277Supplies2* Two sets of spare outfits and four spare undergarments
* A pair of pajamas
* A good book
* My camera, or any other valuables I’m bringing
* Any identification and currency needed
* A small pillow (not pictured here)
* Snacks, plenty of them!
0258Supplies1* Cosmetics
* Shampoo, shower items, & other toiletries inside a zipped plastic bag
* Any medication
* Facial wipes, especially if flying internationally- it is so refreshing.
* Any jewelry you will wear for the trip (you wouldn’t want that to get lost!)
* Your laptop or tablet

For most all flights you are allowed a carry on and a personal item.  Along with my backpack I carry a small side strap purse for my tickets, wallet, phone and other random things.
0175WalkingWhat should you wear when you travel?  My advice is comfortable but not sloppy.  I usually wear long cotton tights, and lots of layers on the top since airplanes are usually so chilly!  (For summertime travel I wear a long maxi dress with tights underneath that I can easily take off or slip on for temperature changes.) Wear comfortable shoes that can easily slip off and on for security, (TSA gets cranky if you hold up the line) and I recommend wearing the least amount of jewelry and makeup as possible. I also bring an empty water bottle with me that I fill at a fountain after I get through security.
0184EscelatorThankfully, I have never had my luggage lost, despite many delays and switches of flights over the years.  The reason I can confidently give you this advice is because I have considerable experience with many international trips and have done it the wrong way so many times that I think I have got it down pretty good now. 😉

Oh, and here is one of my favorite photos I took at the Space Center in Houston:

What are some of your travel tips or words to live by?