High Waist With a Side of Skinny

High waist detail close up

I am loving that high waist jeans are back! When I was in New York City back in November, I was seeing high waist jeans on women everywhere. In fact, I became slightly envious of the women of Manhattan, I decided to get myself a pair while I was there.

I had a Zara gift card, so I started there. Within minutes I found an entire table of high waist pants. I grabbed several styles and colors then marched back to the fitting room. Eventually I settled on this pair. They have a little stretch, and really like the button fly detail. I’ve worn them all winter with wedges and boots. I’m excited to wear them in spring cuffed at the bottom with slip ons!

As someone with a long torso, I often struggle wearing low rise or mid rise pants. Lets be real, I don’t want my backside hanging out every time I sit down. To accommodate for the lower rise pants, I often have to offset with a long shirt to cover everything in the back.  I love the way they fit my body type. These pants are a life saver, and I wear them all the time.

Also! Zara is coming to my local mall! According to this article from one of my favorite local bloggers, we should be expecting it sometime this year. (No date has been released yet)

Full outfit high waist
split shot high waist
Head shot
Far shot with scenery

Photography by the amazing Elizabeth Cardella.

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