“Fun Size” Beauty Products


When I was younger, I would read the candy wrappers of the small Halloween candy and think to myself: “Fun Size? How is a small piece of candy fun? The full size candy bar is fun!” These days, I do not eat Halloween candy (although I have a weakness for Kit Kat bars) I do like to indulge in skincare products every once in a while. These ‘Fun Size” or sample size products are some of the beauty related items I have been loving this past month.


1) Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara– I’m a sucker for a great mascara wand, and I really like this mascara because you can really get into the corners of your eyes and apply this fully to your lashes. It also lasts all day- which I can’t say for some other brands.


2) The Body Shop Mango Body Butter– This is an oldie but a goodie! I actually received this as a Christmas present last year, and have been using it slowly at my desk at work. Since we’ve been doing renovations at the house, all the work has been making my hands so dry! So I brought this home from work to use at home after working at the house. It’s been a life saver!


3) Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate–  I fell in love with this product when a Sephora beauty consultant tested this on the back of my hand. This is an intense exfoliating treatment that leaves my face feeling so fresh, clean and smooth! The full size product is so expensive, so I bought the “Fun Size” to use occasionally.

Overall, my opinion of “Fun Size” candy and “Fun Size” beauty products is still the same. Bigger is better!