Full Apartment Tour (With Before Photos)

Main room of the apartment

Many people have been asking us over the last year how we’ve been able to “survive” in the little upstairs area of our house that we call it our apartment. The truth is we’ve been managing quite well. It’s taken us about a year to actually get a rhythm and configuration of our space, and I can honestly say we live pretty comfortably up there with just the two of us. Add a few more extra people, now that’s another story! (The most we’ve had up here for a meal was nine and I don’t think we could have fit another person) I’m really grateful to have this space while we work on finishing the downstairs area.

What makes living in our ‘apartment’ so manageable is that we are making really good use of the space we have. Sure, there are days (almost every day) that I wish I could use a full size stove/oven or have more counter space, but I’m really grateful to have the little kitchen I have now. We’ve played with different ways of arranging our furniture, and we finally figured out a layout makes the space feel the most open. Of course we know eventually when the downstairs is finished, we won’t be confined to the upstairs. But while we are living up here, it’s really great having a the space we have, and we look forward to completing the downstairs.

We put in a lot of late nights over these months and we still have far to go, but we would have never made it this far without the support of our friends and family. I thought I’d share with you what our whole ‘apartment’ looks like today, versus what it used to look like with the progression of photos over the past 20 months. Come on in!

September 2014: (the upstairs before)
The stairs area before
The bedroom before
Bedroom looking toward front room

Late September 2014: (new collar ties to support the roof structure)
Back room stripped down

October 2014: (after the insulation and lowering/replacing the floor joists)
back rooms with new joists

November 2014: (after the sub-floor, and framing the walls)
Laundry and bedroom closets
Hall/bathroom/bedroom from stairs
Hallway area

December 2014: (drywall and painting)
Stairs area in the main room
Bedroom drywall

Late December 2014: (installing our floor)
Upstairs hallway flooring

Main area in apartment
Living room and dining area
Coffee area
View of apartment from the hallway
View of Kitchen and stairs
Hallway area
^ For a closer look into our bathroom, you can see it all here.
Master bedroom
Bedroom and closets
View of main area from bedroom

If you have any other great storage saving tips or arrangements that we are not utilizing, I’d love to know! Share your ideas in the comments below.

There are 9 comments for this article
  1. Teresa at 10:15 am

    Really like the way you do before, during and after shots – this looks great. It’s been a long road for you two, but I’m sure you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Abi at 3:01 pm

    Nice work, great progress, what an accomplishment!

  3. Joel Aery at 3:52 pm

    Those Gambrel roofs make for an interesting upstairs! You guys did amazing. Looks great. Good to see Jon in there killing it with the flooring as always 🙂

    • Maggie Fromm Author at 8:48 pm

      Hey Joel!! We actually did all the flooring ourselves!! We will definitely have to connect when we do the siding and roof!!

  4. Moira Sanderson at 8:54 pm

    You guys have done the most amazing work on your beautiful home! Can’t wait to see the end product!

  5. Laney at 9:49 am

    I can’t believe it’s been 20 months and hue much you have achieved in that time! I LOVE the new furniture arrangement – the dinner view will be amazing! So proud of you guys!