Fireplace Inspirations

FireplaceInspirationAs you know, Brandon and I are in the middle of re-doing our fireplace. What started as a “simple” scale down of our fireplace stone, turned into a complete makeover of the entire wall when we discovered the wall behind the stone was totally rotted. Now that the wall is blank canvas, I’ve been drawing inspiration from Pinterest to create an idea board of what my new vision for the fireplace will be. There are 2 factors that Brandon and I have 100% agreed on and that is we want to have a wood stove, and we want the face of the fireplace to be brick. Everything else is still up in the air. Below are some photos I found that appeal to my taste for our project:

Fireplace Inspiration

1). I looooove the look of  a floor to ceiling stone fireplace, but unfortunately we simply do not have the ceiling height for that. One of the main reasons we began taking the original stone down in the first place was that the fireplace overpowered the room. What I like the most about this photo is the arched brick detail above the opening which I want to do when we rebuild ours. Photo by Beth Bryan from her blog: Unskinny Boppy.

2). What grabbed my attention for this fireplace was how the brick stood out from the white, and the size of the wood stove. I like how it’s nestled into the back, and the wall above it is light. Also, I really like how the raised hearth and the benches on either side seamlessly flow. Photo by Kelsey Smith from her blog  Farm & Pretty.

3). I wish I could color swatch the brick in this image because I’m obsessed with it. I’m attracted to brick that has a sort of white-wash look to it without being completely painted. The other aspect that I liked in this photo is the rough beam mantel. We are totally doing that! Photo by Our Coastal Farmhouse

4). I mainly pinned this image for the bench. We aren’t going to paint the brick, but we are doing benches on either side of the fireplace. I’d love to have a custom cushion like that for each side (hint, hint Mom!) Photo by Design Chic.

5). Nothing quite says coziness like a wood stove tucked in a nook of a living room wall, and that’s what I like about this image. I want my main living room to feel warm and cozy, and I see that when I look at this photo by this blogger.

Follow along with me on Pinterest to see more ideas for our home. Out of these 5 images, which fireplace is your favorite?

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  1. Teresa at 9:29 am

    Love #5 but would like it better with just brick in the back of it?
    You should look at German Schmearing (?sp?) if you want that color on #3?