Fireplace, Brick and Windows Update!

fireplace wall pre-windows

The day has finally come where we were able to install our new windows! The photo above may not look like much, but to me it signifies major progress. Brandon and I have come a loooong way since we started our “quick weekend project” on our fireplace wall. History should have proved to us that rebuilding the fireplace wall wasn’t going to be easy. True, we didn’t need to make the fireplace windows bigger. But since we were already that deep into the wall project, we decided “what the heck?”

When we first bought our house almost two years ago now, we were not anticipating replacing all the windows. However, after seeing the condition that the walls were in underneath it all, we agreed that we had to install brand new windows.  In doing so, it will seal out all the moisture that had been creeping over the last several years.

Before installing our new windows, we had to take several steps to prepare for it. First, we put the Tyvek wrap on the wall before putting up the wall. We did this because of the way we were building it behind the existing brick. (Traditionally, you put the wall up first, then the Tyvek. Since the brick was already up, we had to do it backward)

Next, we cut the Tyvek around the window opening and pulled it back. Brandon drilled holes in the plywood to get the saw blade through, and then cut the plywood out of the opening. We folded the Tyvek around the opening to create the proper drainage plane. After that, we applied the proper adhesive flex-wrap flashing on the sill. Then we were finally able to put the window in. After each window was screwed in place, we used Tyvek 4-inch adhesive flashing tape over the head (top of the window) and the rest of flange to seal it.

cutting the window opening
Window one open
vapor barrier
^vapor barrier flex-wrap tape
filling in screw holes
Fireplace windows
^ The new fireplace windows!

For the other two windows, we were replacing them in the same opening. (As opposed to building a new opening like the fireplace wall.) We built a new window “buck” or frame, and applied flex wrap flashing between that and the exterior of the house prior to installing the window.

We purchased single hung Simonton windows with 1-inch sculpted vertical grids. Huge thanks to Brad from ABC Supply Co. inc. (Norandex) in Albany for all his professional advice! If you need new custom windows, you have to go see Brad!

Old window
pulling out the old frame
inspecting the window


brick and windows before

windows after

Brandon and I are so happy with our new windows! Our current project is transforming the front of the house/entryway.  I can’t wait to show you. Stay tuned!

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  1. Mom Bond at 2:21 am

    This looks AMAZING! You guys are doing such great work! Love it!

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