My Favorite Beauty Products Lately

Beauty Favorites Lately

It’s been  a while since I’ve done a beauty post so I thought I would share a few favorite products that I find myself reaching for again and again lately. This is a great mix of some drug store basics with a couple high end products I sampled from Sephora and purchased after putting them to the test.

NARS Tinted Moisturizer

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer– During the winter months, I used this quite a bit as a foundation primer. (I’m in the shade ‘Finland’) It doesn’t offer a lot of coverage, but it acts as a great base before I go over my face with my Bare Minerals Original foundation. Those two products combined really worked well for me. In the summertime, I like to wear this by itself because it’s light on the skin and offers SPF 30.

wetnwild color icon ombre blush

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Ombré Blush– (in the shade The Princess Daiquiris) I haven’t really ever tried the Wet n Wild brand until lately. (Unless you count the lip balms I used when I was in middle school) I’ve been watching this YouTuber named Tati and she recommended this blush in a recent drugstore makeup ‘favs and hates’ video. She had a great review of it, and the price is super affordable so I had to give it a try. I don’t like a heavy blush, and this was the perfect amount of color and glow for me which makes it a definite favorite.

Becca concealer

Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème–  This is a great thick and full coverage concealer. My under-eye area tends to be dry, so I use this concealer in combination with Bare Minerals Mineralixirs Eye Nourishing Oil Balm and it’s had great concealing results for me. My only complaint is that toward the end of the day it tends to crease under my eye so I have to touch it up, but I like the thick creamy coverage it offers.


Wet n Wild Photofocus Lash Primer + L’Oréal Power Volume 24H Mascara– I’ve been using these two products combined for the last couple weeks and I’m obsessed. In the same video I mentioned above by Tati, she also reviewed the Wet n Wild lash primer so I naturally had to try that too. My best friend uses the Dior primer which I’ve tried a couple times. In my opinion this primer is just as good and its a fraction of the cost which will automatically make it a favorite if it saves me money. I pair the primer with the Power Volume 24H mascara and my lashes are set for the day.

the finished look

Here’s a look at all of these products on my face, with the addition to the Sonia Kashuk ‘Brow Definer’ pencil on my brows. It’s a totally natural look, but it’s really working for me lately.

What beauty products are you into lately??

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  1. Ellyne Olson at 7:00 pm

    Stunning! Wow. you make it look so easy.