Entryway Inspirations That Say: ‘Welcome Home’

With all the work that we have been doing on our entryway, I can’t help but dream about what it will look like when it’s finished! For the past month, I’ve been frantically exploring Pinterest for inspirations to make our entryway welcoming. While there are literally millions of options, I narrowed down my search to share with these six inspirational photos.

1. Ship-lap + subtle welcome sign. What initially caught my eye about Shea McGee’s mudroom is how bright and beautiful it is. Then the lines of the ship-lap drew me in, and finally I noticed the “Hello Sunshine” sign. I really like the subtlety of a warm welcome. With our porch entrance, the original exterior of the house is still in tact so we can create that ship-lap look with the clap board. We fully intend to repaint and re-purpose it to give it that textured look and feel.

2. Large opening off the front door. In this entryway, there is a larger opening right off of the front door. When I saw this photo, I immediately thought of our house. I really like the chunky molding around the arched opening. I also love the pop of color in the rug. Photo by: Cocon Dedecoration.

3- Photo and coat storage. Again, with closet and wall space being limited, we want to maximize what little wall space we have. I love the idea of having a place to put your coat (that’s practical and pretty) as soon as you walk in the door. Photo by Lizzie Marie.

4- Entryway Bench. Along with having a spot for coats, I loooove the idea of a bench by the door. Its a great place to put on shoes, or just sit by the window and enjoy the view of the river.

5. Cutesy welcome mat. Again, I can’t resist a cutesy welcome sign. It’s just the hospitality oozing from me I guess! This mat can be found online at West Elm.

6- Open Concept Opening. Like I mentioned above, our front door is right off of the main living area. I like how in this photo, even though the two spaces are close, there is a visual separation of the two. Also, I like how Jenna has a basket for mail right on the shelf by the door.

So there you have it! Hopefully, you got a good idea of the look we are going for based on these inspirations. You can see all of the home inspiration I’ve been saving on my Pinterest page, and don’t forget to follow along!

We are still a long ways away from finishing our house, but as each day goes by we get closer and closer. In the next week, we are preparing to put the finishing touches downstairs before the spray foam company comes back and does a final coat of insulation on the porch and fireplace walls. So exciting!!