Dress to Impress: DIY Clothing Labels

I have been attending a lot of special events lately.  Please, I’m not trying to brag, its just that it seems like I have entered the age where there have been an abundant amount of weddings, work benefits, and dinner parties to attend.  With the holidays right around the corner, there are bound to be a few more of those, not to mention New Years!

I started thinking, how am I going to keep track of each dress I wear to each event without wearing it again so soon?  Then the idea hit me one night.  Duh! Why not label them! So I came up with a DIY way to keep track of my special occasion dresses so that I don’t accidentally re-wear them in a short time frame.  This can also be done for men’s dress shirts as well!

Here are the supplies I used:
(4″x 6″ index cards, a hole punch, scissors, Sharpie markers, and hangers).

The first thing I did was fold the index cards in half horizontally, and cut along the fold:


Next I took the hole punch, and punched several overlapping holes at the middle of the top of each index card. The hole punch hole is too small for a hanger to fit through, so that is why I punched several holes in a group together.
The final step before attaching them to the hangers is labeling each tag according to the dress (or dress shirt for men).  The way I wrote out each card was by the name of the store and color of the dress on top, then the event I wore it and the date below:

And there you have it!  The whole project took about an hour.  For me, since my memory is so bad, it would have taken me that amount of time, just to figure out what to wear!  This will totally save me time in the future for getting ready.  I hope you found this to be helpful to you!


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