DIY Smart Phone Gloves

Winter is definitely upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like Winter.  I will admit, there is something special about upstate New York and being able to experience four unique seasons here.  After the first snowfall, its so exciting and magical!  But after that, there is only so much bundling I can do to keep warm!

Speaking of bundling, I start wearing gloves on my hands in October.  No joke.  I love keeping my hands warm in cold weather, but I find gloves to be very frustrating when I need to use my iPhone.  When the need arises to use my phone in the Winter, I have to take off my gloves, exposing my delicate fingers to the harsh elements just to unlock my phone to answer a call.  Until now.

I decided to make myself a pair of Smart Phone Gloves!  They are gloves with a conductive thread stitched in the fingertips that allow you to use touch screen devices.  I know you can purchase gloves with the conductive thread already stitched in the fingertips, but those gloves can cost you upwards of $30.  What I did was purchase the conductive thread online (for only $2.95!) and made the gloves myself with a pair I already owned.  Here is how I did it:

Supplies needed:  gloves, conductive thread, needle, and scissors.

When doing this project, keep in mind you only need to sew the thread onto the thumb and index fingertips of each glove.  (I started with the thumb).  Before sewing my gloves, I threaded the needle, met the two thread ends together and tied them in a knot. (I used about 2.5 feet of thread per fingertip). Then I turned the fingertip inside out, and stuck the needle through the glove tip from the inside so that the needle came out on the outside fingertip.  That is the hardest part of this project.  The rest of the stitching you do from the outside. I found it easier to wear the glove while I was stitching so that the needle did not snag a thread on the inside of the glove.

After I stitched a significant amount of thread on the outside of the finger tip and tested the glove on my iPhone, I stuck the needle into the fingertip and pulled it from the inside of the glove so I could tie a knot in it.

And there you have it, Smart Phone Gloves that you can do yourself!
(For these particular gloves, I embellished the ring finger with iron on crystals)

This project is super easy, very cost efficient, and not to mention practical!  Good luck with your own DIY Smart Phone Gloves!



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  1. iloveapplepie at 6:21 pm

    What a clever trick! Good work, Maggie!!

  2. Ellyne at 7:47 pm

    Wow – Nice – What a great idea! I guess that is why you are so Smart! ( I should get a Smart phone) Thank you.

  3. Presh at 11:56 pm

    So fetch! Totally need some of that thread;)

  4. Jessie at 9:17 am

    SO CLEVER! Does that thread come in different colors?

  5. 58Teresa at 11:37 am

    Maggie – thank you! I was just going to knit fingerless gloves – had no clue about the conductive thread! I’ll knit it right in! – TK

  6. Joshua at 8:41 am

    I wish I had thought of this even though I don’t have a smartphone. Great idea :). But can you make it work with non-woven gloves?

  7. Chelsea at 2:27 am

    WOW! This is so smart, Maggie! 😀 I didn’t know conductive thread existed 😛 I would never think to do this myself… Another brilliant idea!

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