Easy Last Minute DIY Gold Glitter Shoes

With New Years Eve only a couple days away, many of you, like me, are planning what you want to wear. Glitter, gold, sequins and general bling are always a great option for New Years fashion. I stumbled upon a beautiful pair of gold glitter shoes as I was Christmas shopping several weeks ago. I was “this close” to purchasing them when I had a revelation. At home, I had an old pair of nude pumps I was planning to giveaway. Right then and there I decided that I would make my own gold glitter shoes at home. I swung by Michael’s craft store on the way, and picked up some Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint.

To prep for the glitter spray, I stuffed the shoes with tissue paper to protect the insides. Following the directions between coats, I blasted the shoes with glitter. Starting from the top with the shoes upright, I sprayed the top surfaces and visible sides. After that dried, I turned the shoes on their side for another coat. I repeated those steps for the opposite sides.

One thing I didn’t do was spray them with the clear spray afterward. To be honest, the spray paint started to flake a little after the first time I wore them. If I sprayed them with the sealer, they probably wouldn’t have flaked as easily. This might not be the best option for a long term shoe, but for a last minute New Year’s option it’s perfect.

Last New Year’s Eve, Brandon and I counted down til 2016 together on our sofa sick with the flu. This year, we are ready and anticipating all the great things that a new year brings. (Like finishing our house!)

Cheers to 2017. Happy New Year!