DIY Accessory Tree

I have many hair accessories. Actually, I have many accessories period. Some of you might have a similar problem- er- I mean hobby like me. Too many cuff links, or bracelets, or other jewelry. I say embrace it!

But what to do with all these accessories? Well, I believe I have a solution.

As an interior designer, I think it’s important to have items like accessories on display on your dresser or vanity. You spend money on these things so you can display them on yourself, but why tuck them away in a box where no one can see them when you aren’t wearing them? They should always be on display! Not only because accessories are beautiful, but they tell a story of the person who owns them.

Here is what you will need for this accessory tree: Some branches from outside, twine, an old bottle (I used a  salad dressing bottle) and a hot glue gun.

For this tree I used 2 branches, but if you find a thick enough branch with many other branches, use that. If you decide to use 2 branches, tie the branches together at the bottom like this:

Then take the twine, and wrap it around and around the branch tightly going up as seen below:

Continue wrapping the twine around all the way up to the top of each branch offshoot. When you get to the end, continue wrapping the twine around so it make a ball at the end. This is something I did to add some shape and interest. To secure the knot, I added some hot glue to keep it from fraying and untying. If you prefer not to do that, then simply tie a knot at the end but be sure to leave a bit of string hanging so you can clip on an accessory. You can also use the string to tie a small knot around something small like a cuff link or ring.
If you have the unfortunate occurrence of one of your branches breaking (like I did) I have a simple solution. Take a bobby pin and snap it into two pieces. To do this spread the two ends away from each other and fatigue the metal at the part where it bends. Cut the string on the broken branch about an inch from the break of the branch so you have some space to glue on the bobby pin pieces. Glue the bobby pin opposite each other so it stabilizes the break. Once the hot glue has solidified and the branch is secure, take a new piece of twine, tie it to the branch, and go over the break carefully.


Once you have all of the branches covered in twine, place it in the bottle or jar of your choice. To remove the label from the bottle or jar, soak it in hot water for 5-10 minutes to melt the glue. It should peel right off after that.

Here is what my finished accessory tree looked like:
You can hang a number of different types of accessories from this tree, not just hair things. If you decide to make a jewelry tree, then make sure you use a more sturdy branch. I would also recommend that you use a jar with a wider base. This bottle tends to tip over if the branch isn’t centered in it just right. I added some stones to make it look a bit more ascetically pleasing.

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