The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Realtor

Next month I am due to renew my real estate license. I cannot believe it’s already been 2 years since I became a Realtor! I have learned SO much over the last 2 years about myself and have grown so much. Here is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since becoming a “Licensed Real Estate Salesperson” in New York State.

The importance of being on time.

I can’t tell you how much being on time means, especially when you have your own business. Growing up, my family was always late for everything, and I mean everything. Church, sporting events, holiday parties, family functions, etc. Being on time for appointments has been a life long struggle, and still is to this day. The perks of being a Realtor is you make your own schedule. But can also be a huge downfall if you don’t manage your time properly. One thing that I’m consistently reminded of by my agency, is that simple act of being late can cost you business.

In an effort to be on time for my appointments, I’ve set up simple strategies for success. I set timers for myself in the morning when I’m getting ready. Using Google maps, I plot out my route and give myself an extra 5 minutes to get there. Lastly, I don’t plan anything client related immediately after another appointment in case it goes overtime. By making these small changes, I’ve been able to stay on top of my priorities and gasp! even arrive early for appointments.

It struck me last week when one of my seller clients said something to me. She said: “Maggie, I want you to know, that I appreciate how you are always on time. It’s very important to me.”  I nearly fell over when she said that because if she knew me 2 years ago, she would never have said that!!

Organization and Planning

One thing that has significantly helped me with being on time is getting organized. I used to have a multiple spiral notebooks, a daily planner, file folders, piles of post-its, and loose pages of lists. Now, I have one notebook with 5 different tabs: “Client Notes”, “Goals/Lists”, “Business Notes”, “Blog”, and “Miscellaneous”. Each tab has a folder on the inside to hold loose paperwork. At home, I have a file holder where all my current clients have a designated spot. When a house closes, the folder moves inside my file drawer under my desk.

Its embarrassing to admit, but before, one of the many reasons I ran late is because of my disorganization. I misplaced paperwork and frantically searched through piles of random papers on my way out the door. Now, I simply grab my notebook with my important notes, and if I need to, take the client folder with me.

Lastly, I learned a very important lesson from my General Manager, Brian Miranda, when I first became a Realtor. He told me this phrase that I will never forget. “If you don’t plan your day, others will do it for you.” Its so true! I’m working very hard on establishing more of a weekly routine, but planning my day is huge for my business. If it doesn’t make business sense, then I move it lower on the priority list, or just say no altogether.

Do you struggle with time management and organization or am I the only one?? I’d love to know what you do to help stay on task and keep organized. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. PlannerMan88 at 9:13 pm

    My biggest difficulty with planning and organization is my notes! I never really had to take notes in school, or even college. I was just good at remembering things. Since I never developed that skill back then, I struggle with it now. When I have business meeting, I have a hard time making sense of my notes afterwards, and keeping them organized for future reference. You are definitely not alone!