Best Friends and Haircuts


I just had the most wonderful weekend with my girlfriends. I hadn’t seen my best friends from college in a really long time so while my husband had to work over the weekend (and I finally had a Saturday off for the first time in forever,) I decided to take a short spontaneous road trip to see my friends who live about a 3 hour drive away. We had dinner at my favorite authentic Mexican restaurant, snuggled up overnight in our blankets, ate breakfast by our old apartment at the best bagel place in the world, and I got my haircut by one of my friends.

I remember she would cut my hair in the kitchen of her parent’s house back then while we ate cereal and blasted girly music or watched a chic flick.  I was a broke college student so it was such a blessing to be so close with someone who could do my hair throughout those four years. This weekend it was so sweet having her cut my hair again.  I saw the photo below in Allure magazine and wanted to have the same type of choppy layered but clean look and I absolutely love what she did with it. Oh and I also got some great new products which I’ll review once I use them.



The drive home was bittersweet.  I was anxious to see Brandon, but totally bummed to leave my friends.  The best part of the trip back was the amazing view of the sunset I from my side view mirror.


How was your weekend?


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  1. 58Teresa at 11:28 am

    Best sunsets = Oswego, NY!
    And I always loved going home on I88 too for them.