A Baby Sprinkle


Over the weekend, some friends and family gathered at my place for an intimate party to celebrate the soon arrival of my sister Abi’s third child.  She already has two amazing little boys ages five and three, but in about two more weeks she will be welcoming baby girl.  We are all so happy and excited for her!

As you know, I love hosting and decorating for parties, so when my oldest sister approached me with the idea of having the party here at my house, I jumped at the chance.  We went with calling the Paris themed party a ‘baby sprinkle’ in lieu of a baby shower since it is her third child, and she needed some fresh baby items and cute baby girl clothes.

I have a difficult time playing host and photographer at the same time so I didn’t get much action shots of the party.  I was barely able to snap some photos before the doorbell began ringing, and even then I was greeting guests then running back to the bathroom to finish applying mascara.  You know how it is.



^ Who doesn’t love doing their nails at a party? ^


^ I picked up this hilarious scoop recently. ^


^ Coming soon: these amazing no sugar added truffles! ^

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  1. Laney at 7:54 pm

    You had me excited for a minute although I was about to sniffle’ cause it was on fb before I got a call… **sigh**
    Nice decorations:-)

    • Story.Style.Vision Author at 4:07 pm

      I would never!! You’d get a call straight from us!

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