Are You Faux Real Black Leather Leggings

Its been chiller than normal June temperatures here in upstate New York. Between the sporadic downpours, and partly cloudy weather, it hasn’t quite felt like “summer” to me yet. I’m naturally cold 24/7 unless it’s 97 degrees outside haha. Side note, does anyone else freeze the instant you step inside a grocery store in the summer? Anyway, when it comes to dressing professionally, lately it’s been black pants and a layered look on top. (You know, in case it warms up.)

I fell in love with these amazing black half faux leather leggings the instant I tried them on. Leggings are touch and go for me. They are either very flattering, or they cling in all the wrongs places. There’s no in between for me! I wear a lot of black pants for my work in Real Estate since it’s neutral and easy to coordinate. These leggings are seriously perfect. I really like that the faux leather breaks up the legs in the middle and adds dimension. I own tons of various simple solid black pants/leggings from numerous brands, but these are so unique!

These leggings were purchased from my favorite local consignment store (Finder’s Keepers!) They are by the brand Joe Fresh. I search and search online and you can find similar styles here and here!