5 Items to Always Have on Hand

I am a big believer in the motto: “Always be prepared.”  I try to keep certain items on hand in my home so I am always prepared when the right moment comes.  More often than not, I have needed each of these 5 items in a pinch and it has never been inconvenient to have these items around:

1). Thank you cards

A hand-written thank you card is the simplest and kindest gesture you can offer someone.  I always have many different varieties on hand because I never know when the opportunity may come for me to say “thank you.”  If I don’t have thank you cards on hand, I have to go out of my way (which usually wastes time) to go to the store and pick them up.  To make matters worse, I tend to procrastinate on going to buy them which makes the thank you card writing process delayed, and before you know it, a month goes by and I still haven’t said thank you to the person.  I have saved myself so much time and grace by keeping a variety of cards on hand so when the opportunity presents itself, I go to my stationary container, pull out the appropriate card, and mail it out immediately. That brings me to my next item…

2). Stamps

Stamps are always great to have on hand.  Most people use email and social media to communicate these days, but I have found that snail mail isn’t out of style yet!  I admit, I rarely use the Postal Service, but when I do (to send a thank you card or birthday card) I just go to my stash of Forever stamps.  Forever stamps are the best because when you purchase them, you can always use them in the future even if the cost of stamps go up.

3). Little Black Dress also known as LBD:
A little black dress (or a sexy black suit if you are a guy) is great to always have on hand.  It is perfect for an evening wedding, an office holiday party, date night to the ballet or theater and basically any event in which you need to dress up.  I would say an LBD is a wardrobe essential.  If you don’t have one, the best place to find one on a budget is Forever 21 or H&M.  You won’t regret it!

4). Candles

Candles are always good to have on hand.  They create a comfortable and mellow mood in the home. They can also have a calming effect, especially if they are scented.  Candles are a great way to make your home look inviting for when you have company over.  To learn how to make your own, click here.

Last but not least:

5). Wine

A bottle (or bottles) of wine is always a good idea to have on hand.  Wine is a terrific housewarming gift or birthday present.  It’s also great to bring with you if you are invited over to someone’s house for dinner or holiday party.  You really do not need to spend a fortune to get a good bottle of wine.  When you go to the shop, try not to focus so much on the brand of the bottle but the type of grape used to make wine.  If you are nervous, ask an associate at the store to help you pick a wine that suits your palette.

Those are the 5 items I always try to have on hand.  What are yours?