3 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid (& How to Fix Them)

No one is perfect.  We all have our quirks and flaws that make us who we are.  There are however, some flaws in women’s fashion, which I have noticed over the years that drive me crazy.  I will share three of them with you today, and some simple solutions to remedy those mistakes.

Mistake Number One:  Bare feet in ballet flats.  When your feet sweat, without proper footwear your shoes and feet will stink!

Solution:  Wear some discrete little “sock buddies” as I call them, or another term I’ve seen is peds.  You can find these in practically any shoe store in any color.  I prefer a nude sock buddy because it blends with my skintone.  If you have a dark complexion I recommend purchasing a supply of brown or tan colored sock buddies.  This will prevent your feet from getting sweaty and gross in your shoes, and your feet from stinking!

Mistake Number Two:  Exposed bra straps. (This one makes me shudder.)

Solution: Instead of having your bra straps and cami straps exposed under your tank top, please wear a strapless bra.  If you are, lets say, more blessed than other women in that area and have difficulty with strapless bras, try using a safety pin to hold your bra straps together so they are not exposed.  Before you do this just be sure to loosen your bra straps.

Mistake Number Three:  Wearing white undergarments under white.   When you wear white under white, it only draws more attention to your undergarments.

Solution: Nude undergarments.  The best way to wear white is to find a great nude bra and if necessary a nude cami to wear under a white blouse.  The same goes for white pants, white skirt, and a white dress.  Wear nude. Nude. Nude. Nude. Please!

What are some of your fashion faux pas?


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  1. Alison at 1:02 pm

    One of my fashion pet peeves is untucked shirts worn with tailored skirts and dress pants. Tucking in your shirt and adding a cute belt does wonders for your figure and makes you look put together : )

  2. Christina at 9:57 am

    I read this a week and a half or so ago. Since then I’ve been wearing the little socks with my flats and it’s a totally different experience! My feet are comfortable the whole day and I must admit the smell I HATE is poof gone! Thanks for the tips Maggie, really helpful and brillz!! Plus the sockies are wicked cheap, love it!