My 2017 Summer Spotify Running Playlist


Spotify Running Playlist

My running sneakers & the beats that get me going.

This year, I am (sort of) back in the running game. I used to run a lot more in college and when Brandon and I first got married. Ever since we bought the house, I haven’t been runing as much. Earlier this year, my real estate agency decided to run as a team in the 5K corporate challenge in Albany. I have always been saying that I want to get back into “running shape” and this was the perfect opportunity to put aside my excuses. That was just the small push I needed to get back on the road.

I’m noticing as I get older, I feel pain in areas I’ve never really felt before when I run. (Knees, and shins mostly) I’ve never really invested in good running shoes ever. If I’m going to take running seriously, I needed to get the right shoes. I took a survey on Facebook, and the overwhelming majority recommended that I go to Fleet Feet for the right sneaker. Their staff there is trained to ask specific questions about your needs. They watch you as you walk/jog to observe your stride. They listen and give suggestions on which shoes to test out. Then, by process of elimination, you select the proper running sneaker.

To me, a running playlist is just as important as the sneaker! The music playing in my ears gets me going and pushes me when I’m slowing down. I created a Spotify playlist (see below) of about 20 songs (and growing) of a wiiiide variety of songs that pump me up. I usually hit “shuffle play” as I start my run.

What gets you going when you run/work out?? Let me know in the comments below!

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Nike Air Zoom Womens Sneakers
These Nike Air Zoom Structure sneakers are what I ended up selecting.